5 useful tips when travelling in Myanmar — Yahoo Travel Inspirations

Once a pariah state ruled by the military for a long time, Burma, also known as Myanmar, is now more open, with tourism arrivals growing steadily. With the tourism influx, some people fear that it will evolve into a more Western society rapidly, with people giving up their traditional longyi for denims. While this may hopefully take a while, going there now than later assures you of a more authentic local experience. So talk up your travel buddy (or better yet, buddies!), book that flight and ma

Shanghai Express

One of the most expensive cities to live in the world, Shanghai is revered as the birthplace of everything considered modern in China with its ever-changing cityscapes and developments happening all around. While it is the most populous and most developed city in China, it is not as expensive as Beijing, the capital city. In fact, whether you love luxury or are budget-savvy, Shanghai is a great city to visit. From the gorgeous architectural beauties that line the Huangpu River, the sprawling and

Perth packs a holiday punch

Australia is the sixth largest country by total area and one of the wealthiest in the world today. It is not a surprise why tourism is on a steady rise what with its diverse flora and fauna, the sheer expanse of countryside, the extensive coastlines and the high quality of life. Highly popular tourist destinations include the cities of Sydney and Melbourne, the Gold Coast in Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef. These are great places to visit and may be considered Australian tourism icons.

Preserving a heritage in Batanes

Breathtaking is an overused adjective associated with Batanes. At least to the lucky few who get to go there, being largely isolated from the rest of the archipelago. The northernmost Philippine province boasts jaw-dropping landscapes: rolling hills, jagged cliffs and rocky shorelines. However, even with vistas not found in the rest of the country, isolation has been a challenge for the small province (both in terms of population and land area). But its remoteness has given Batanes a rustic c